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It is understandable that every consumer wants to know what a product or service will cost them. Since projects very in degrees of difficulty, effort, execution and detail, the cost of your project will need to be determined after we have an opportunity to discuss it with you and to see exactly what work you wish to have done.

We work on a time and material basis. What that means is for most jobs, we work on an hourly rate plus the cost of all materials used in your project. Some projects are priced out by-the-job.

Our rates are $50.00/hour - $65.00/hour, depending upon the work that you want done, plus the cost of all materials required to complete the task. We will be able to provide a detailed estimate for your project once we have an opportunity to visit with you and to see and hear what you might have us do for you.

These rates also apply while we are picking up materials for your job. We will make every attempt to obtain your project materials at the best price, however, we make every effort to purchase all materials at one stop, saving running around time.

NOTE: If materials will be needed to complete your job, I require an advance deposit of at least half of the estimated cost of those materials before I can shop for them.

I rarely leave the site for personal reasons, but if I must, I will be “off the clock” for the entire time.

Full and prompt payment is required upon completion of work.

* Based upon a “curb-curb” determination via MapQuest.

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